Greetings, Mortal Being.
Welcome to the Web3 Monastery.

After centuries of preparation, 2,500 Monks are cast away in solidarity of the Metaverse. Practicing mindfulness, patience and development of inner peace – you too can reap the rewards of the Immortal Monks. Will you become an Immortal?


By owning an Immortal Monk NFT, you will be enshrined into the Monastery granting you eternal power and passage to the halls of the Monastery

Key Features & Unprecedented Utility

Exclusive Partnerships + Holder Access Passes

Community Treasury for Giveaways + Airdrops

First In Line Whitelist Opportunities

Access Top Tier DeFi and NFT Projects Early

Stake Your Monk for Meditation

Upon deliberation and your potential acceptance to the Origin Cells of The Immortal Web3 Monastery, a snapshot will be taken for those diamond handed few that will unlock the gates to intangible value.

Immortal Monks Utility

Holding your Monk, you shall unlock the most rewarding DAO Protocol that is releasing known as the Monastery. Once you gain access to the Monastery you will be able to access exclusive partner projects for your Monk’s untapped power.

Road map

December 2021

Minting of 2,500 Origin Monks NFT

Q1 2022

Snapshot taken of our Origin Holders Of Immortal Monks NFT. Access to the highly exclusive Monastery DAO Protocol with ‘Staking Boost’ unlocked for Monk Holders. (Q1 2022)

Q2 2022

Inception of our Monastery Tokens with a release of 2nd Generation Monks. Origin Monk Holders will be greatly rewarded. 2nd Generation Monks will make the Monastery more powerful with new & exclusive utility unlocking more incredible powers in the DeFi sector.

Q3 2022

The Immortal Monks team will begin to land unique partnership opportunities for first in line access to partner protocols, whitelists and top tier DeFi investing opportunities. Only holders of Origin Monks or V2 Samanera NFTs will have access.

Those who have opened the gates to the Immortal Monastery...

The Enlightened Monk

The gatekeeper to it all.

The Woke Monk

Never sleeping, always plotting.

The Wiz Monk

Coding up our web3 dreams.


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